Introduction to Overte development

Speaker: Vadim Troshchinskiy Shmelev

Type: Long talk

Room: V1.14 - Hacklabs. - Floor 1 - Piso 1

Time: Feb 13 (Mon): 09:00

Duration: 1:00

As a follow-up to the previous talk, in this one things will get more technical.

This is mainly addressed to software developers interested in contributing to the main project (in C++), or scripting for it in JavaScript. The talk will explain how to get started and build the software, modify it, script for it, or host a server.

The content covered will be:

  • Demonstration of the software’s functionality, for context
  • Software architecture
  • Building the software from source
  • Getting started with development (C++)
  • Getting started with scripting (JS)
  • Getting started with server hosting (Linux)
  • Current development status and future plans