#ThisIsFLOSS - collaborative discussion

Speaker: Bernelle Verster

Type: Long talk

Room: V1.14 - Hacklabs. - Floor 1 - Piso 1

Time: Feb 14 (Tue): 15:00

Duration: 1:00

This workshop explores how to build a brand that is welcome to all flavours of FOSS, as well as the more cultural and overarching aspects, for example there are a lot of musicians among us. What would it take to be the “TEDx” of FOSS? Is that even a good idea?

Pevious: This talk explores what free and open source software is, what the FOSS ecosystem looks like, how does Debian and Linux and Ubuntu etc fit together? Some less technical questions are explored, like, how does FOSS play with proprietary systems and companies, for example Microsoft and Apple? And some more technical questions, like, (Why) is it best to upload packages directly into Debian first?

This is a more pragmatic approach, to quote Sandro Santilli, 2022 (FOSS4G) Sol Katz award winner: “I don’t care what you use - FOSS or proprietary. I care that you contribute to FOSS”.

This talk is a work in progress aimed at creating a new member procedure: https://wiki.debian.org/NewDebian