Member of ANSOL, Debian user (but sparse contributor).

Accepted Talks:

Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa

Wikimedia Portugal has been organizing Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa, a project dedicated to Portuguese Music in Wikimedia projects, in particular Wikipedia and Wikidata.

As a part of that ongoing project there is a number of online workshops being planned, including one at the 13th of February, between 14h and 18h (in Portuguese). My plan is to coordinate a matching ‘live workshop/edit-a-thon’ happening within MiniDebConf. Tables will be provided for people to hang around and work on the several wikitools in the wikimedia universe, support each other with their edits, etc..

Note: if you are planning to attend this event, please consider creating an wikipedia account beforehand, if you don’t have one already.

I <3 Free Software!

I Love Free Software is an yearly event organized by Free Software Foundation Europe, at the 14th of February. This year, in Portugal, we’re having a MiniDebConf on the date, so how better to celebrate it than talking about Free Software during that date?

Marcos Marado is a member of ANSOL, the Portuguese sister organization to FSFE, and in this 30 minutes presentation he plans to tell you a little bit of what is ANSOL, how has it been celebrating this date each year, and how can you, too, show your appreciation for Free Software on this day.